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H2OAmp™ Series


About NEAT™ (Nano-membrane Electrostatic Air Transducer ) – NEAT™ driver is based on a patented material to emulate the electrostatic loudspeaker operations without the need for high voltage DC bias

H2OAmp™ amplifier – it is a specially designed circuitry which receives small signal and amplify it to hundreds of times by utilizing both active and passive stages and maintains flat frequency response beyond 40 KHz and low distortion for Hi-Fi applications

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H2OAmp™ Preamplifier


Preamplifier Features: Adjustable bass equalization 2.1-channel output 2-way electronic crossover 3-band bass-mid-treble tone control Bottom end frequency cut-off

H2OAmp™ Portable Amplifier


Portable amplifier Features: Powered by single Li-On rechargeable battery More than 10-hr operation times (500mAh) 2.1-channel output with electronic crossover Optional Bluetooth™ connectivity

H2OAmp™ General Amplifier


General amplifier Features: High Power output 45W + 15W Electronic crossover Bass equalization Optional Bluetooth™ & L-R wireless connectivity

iPhone/iPod Docking


iPhone/iPod Docking – By applying NEAT™ driver, we re-invent the aesthetics and acoustics of docking stereo. It is fashionable on your desktop like no others. It is slim while sacrificing none to sound quality. This is a product line we cooperate with leading ID designer to unleash the full potential of NEAT™ integrated mini stereo. It is also welcomed for customer’s product to integrate our turnkey solution up to complete ID design

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