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NEAT™ – NEAT (Nano-membrane Electrostatic Acoustic Transducer) is a ground breaking technology in loudspeaker design. Rooted in well-known ESL (Electrostatic Loudspeaker), it is famous for unprecedented transient response physically and transparent sound musically. However, traditional ESL technology is kept from popularity by its complicated electrical bias and substantial dimension and mass of construction. Based on patented material and process, NEAT™ is a quantum leap from its predecessor by eliminating DC bias, reducing size, and simplifying usage while keeping all the advantages. The dipole operation (transmitting sound from both sides of membrane) of NEAT™ has its unique characteristics, when properly designed, a virtually spacious sound is achievable. Its unique physical structure also enables product appearance beyond traditional look and many spectacular products are realizable

General ElectroStatic Loudspeaker Structure

The ESL transducer consists of 2 stators as music signal input terminals and 1 diaphragm moving air to generate sound, spacers are used to define the gap for diaphragm movement. The structure is common to both traditional ESL and RTC’s NEAT™ technology

The Differentiation of NEAT™ and ESL


The Advantages of NEAT™

  • Lower cost and mass producible
  • Immune to high humid environment
  • Miniature dimension and easy to integration
  • Lighter moving mass and higher frequency response
  • Simplified electronics and higher efficiency