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H2OAmp™ Series

Portable Amplifier – it is designed to work with a single cell Li-On battery and last for over 10 hours operation. The unique high-efficiency design make it suitable for smartphone/ tablet PC docking and portable mini stereo. Though in low output wattage, the sound quality has kept its no-compromise standard of RTC

General Amplifier– Targeting general home audio application, it is a high power option for multimedia and Hi-Fi system. The design is still based on HybridAmp™ architecture while utilizing high power alternative for every component. Customers will be surprised to hear the highly dynamic and transparent sound in system integrating RTC HybridAmp and NEAT™ driver

Preamplifier – In a trend ever pursuing miniature and portability, we know there is always a dilemma between sound quality and product dimensions. RTC preamplifier is our solution to ease customers from the dilemma of sound quality and dimensions. It is equipped with bass equalization, 3-band adjustable equalizer, 2-way electronic crossover, and bass cut-off circuitry. It provides customers full flexibility and control to adopt fashionable industrial design while maintaining high fidelity sound